new kind of Crypto derivatives

we are living in the time of new financial revolution

Cryptocurrency has paved the way for truly global finance, available to everyone no matter their social status. The world may not think they’re ready for it, but it’s time to lead the way into a new financial future. Traditional exchanges are too localized to really serve the needs of a global-finance community.

They’re also often too slow to adapt and incorporate new technologies and new asset classes. The emerging global market needs a global platform offering modern solutions and an ever-adapting trading environment.

Are you gonna take part in the revolution?

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What Makes Darebiz Unique?

Crypto derivatives are the hottest new thing in trading, and numerous exchanges are already offering bitcoin derivatives. Rather than copying what everyone else is already doing, we’ve opted to take the next logical step by offering new products for traders in the crypto space. We want to be the first exchange to offer the derivatives people are looking for, as soon as they start looking for them.

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New Derivatives for the Crypto Industry

Darebiz’s new platform will bring new and innovative products to the crypto ecosystem for the first time. Amongst are IEO-based derivatives, which Darebiz plans to launch in 2020:

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    Futures contract on funds raised prior to launch of IEO.

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    Futures contract on price multiplier after the launch.

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    Futures contract on trading volume in the first 24 hours.

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    Futures contract on whether IEO raises (or exceeds) target amount.

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Become an Early Adopter

You can register now to get early access to Darebiz’s platform before it goes live to the public. Benefits of participating include:

  • $1,000

    The first 50 registered people will receive $1,000 worth of commissions free of charge

  • β

    Exclusive beta access to new features on the platform

  • 1Y

    Discounted fees for the first year of activity

  • NEW

    Trade new derivatives before anyone else

Day One Liquidity

Any new market has to face the challenge of establishing liquidity. Darebiz’s first priority is liquidity - we are establishing ourselves as a market maker. Unlike other exchanges that have concealed their market-making activities, we intend to be fully transparent. Transparency is the only way it can work, and is our core value.

We will be using special techniques to create liquidity in an above-the-board manner: Traders’ orders will be prioritized over the anchor market maker, traders will be able to see in the book-level which orders are related to the anchor market maker, traders will have the ability to choose whether they don’t want to trade against the anchor market maker, traders won’t pay fees for trades against the anchor market maker, and much more.

Using these techniques, we have created a new approach to finance. We have built a platform that benefits the market by providing the fuel it needs in order to start, and at the same time we have ensured there won’t be any unfair advantages.

An AI-driven trading algorithms will establish state-of-the-art pricing models based on industry data to set the pricing as soon as an asset is listed on the exchange, and maintain ongoing liquidity as long as it’s needed. Our intent is simply to serve as the fuel to get the exchange going, and then remove ourselves as the anchor market maker once liquidity is freely flowing between our users.

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On Air

In a few months Darebiz plans to launch our security-tested Alpha version exclusively for our core community. In this version, Darebiz intends to launch a series of brand-new derivatives based on underlines not traded anywhere else. path background

The first derivatives to be launched in the platform will be based on upcoming IEOs as an underline and will all be traded against Ethereum, and settled with Ethereum.

In order to ensure a constant, safe, and liquid trading Darebiz utilizes an internal AI-based market-making mechanism designed to provide liquidity to those exact derivatives.

If you believe in the future of global finance and want to help shape it, sign up here.

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About Darebiz

In 2019, we established Darebiz to serve a need that we saw in the trading industry. We assembled a team consisting of experienced algo-traders, AI experts, and crypto evangelists to ensure we had all of the expertise we needed to bring together the necessary elements to create Darebiz.

The Team

  • Yuval Novak

    Yuval Novak


  • Yuval Novak

    Nir Ben-Israel

    VP Research

  • Yuval Novak

    Nathanel Ozeri


Together, we understand the technology needed to underpin this endeavor, what traders want, and what the hype cycle of the market is like. No one can truly predict what will happen next in the world of crypto, but we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of the crypto market, on regulators, on the trading world.

Our team is uniquely qualified to bring this vision to life and create a platform where traders can ride each wave of hype and try each new trend, all on the same trusted exchange they’ve used for their previous trading opportunities. No more time wasted looking for a market that’s offering exciting new assets, passing their KYC and AML policies, and then waiting for liquidity to enter the market. On Darebiz, the new assets come straight to you, with the liquidity from day one.


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